Be Out And About – A Fresh Perspective!

by BRAAM Family
Be Out And About – A Fresh Perspective!

Preacher: Dan Kasongo

Let us revisit a topic that is central today in the Christian walk as it has been for the past 2000years:“beingoutandaboutJesus”. AsweacceptChristasourLordandSaviour,our lives experience a turnaround for the better! Soon, we will have the confidence to share the Good News of committing to a relationship with Him.

Being out and about Jesus necessitates witnessing to the world the experience of a loving God. It is an invitation to belong to the family of Christ, in which we ourselves have been adopted.
Our salvation qualifies each and every one of us for the calling to share the Good News. Whether it is social anxiety, shame, or financial challenges standing in the way, God only requires our availability.. He who calls, qualifies and equips us for the mission.

Our infirmities are not a limitation. Where we fall short, we can trust Him to empower us!
Therefore, being out and about Jesus first begins with us understanding that God is pleased with us sharing with those in less fortunate situations.

If it is not within our financial means, we can offer our time or even our creativity to help those in need. Hebrews 13: 16 reminds us that such sacrifices do not go unnoticed by God.
Secondly, we have entities that bring people to Christ that we should always be keen to participate in; to heal the sick, feed the poor or visit the orphans through church structures is just as spiritual and pleasing to God as evangelistic campaigns (see Acts 20: 35).

Despite being blessed enough, many believers find this opportunity challenged by other obligations in life. An exam or a business opportunity soon becomes a legitimate reason to miss an appointment with God. Others are too selective, even picky, about where God should use them – not in a shelter for the homeless or a football field – yet our Master’s first miracle was not in a place of convenience.

In John 4, Jesus Christ, in His exhaustion and hunger, demonstrated to us that God uses us mightily when we make ourselves available in our discomfort. God will expect us to give out of the inconvenience we face, yet He will soon bless us in abundance for our sacrifice. Little that is managed faithfully and well calls for promotion (Luke 16: 10). This applies to investing in the Kingdom of God. The church grows with our financial resources supporting the Work of God. And for that we are blessed (Acts 20: 35).

Being out and about implies leaving things that are dear to us. We are to know that what used to dictate our lives will challenge the position of Christ as our Lord and Saviour. Thus, Christ invites us to entrust the yoke of that burden to Him (Matthew 11: 28), rather than turning away like the young man, who, like many of us, established his possessions as authority above Jesus Christ (see Matthew 19: 21-22 and Matthew 10: 37-39). The body of Christ works in unity and harmony when all are fuelled by the same Hope, serving One Lord, Christ Jesus.

Lastly, the joy of our salvation drives our genuine participation in the salvation of others. Sharing what God has done for us through our testimony fosters hope for those held captive in hopelessness. We are overcomers because of the blood of the Lamb and the words of our testimony!

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