We Serve A Rich God (Part 2)

by BRAAM Family
we serve a rich God part 2

Pastor Elie Hamuli

We tend to worry so much about our lack and inadequacy the moment we take away our focus from our Creator. In many passages in the Bible, such as John 6:5, Jesus Christ teaches us to keep our eyes on Him, Jehovah Jireh, the God who provides, and not on the size of our needs. In John 6:5, we see this demonstrated by how He provided for the crowd that looked to Him when He was with His disciples. Likewise, our Lord and Saviour, Jesus, did not shy away but is always ready to assume the responsibility to meet our present needs.

In John 6:7, Jesus depicts that no situation is too big or impossible for God. We should trust Jesus as our source of help. In our lack, we can remember that all He used to feed more than 5000 people were 5 loaves and 2 fish. He uses what we consider insignificant in our lives, magnifying His glory through them. Our issues lose their urgency when we turn our attention from them to Jesus. Thus, we should fix our eyes on Jesus and not put our confidence in the worldly system of provision.

Continually, in 2 Kings 4:1-7, God shows us that He is not in the conventional; He is in the supernatural. The widow was left with her husband’s debts and as a result, her children were going to become the creditors’ slaves. She thought she had nothing but what she was negating was exactly what God wanted to use (see verse 2). We serve not only a rich God but a generous God too. He has given all of us something and it is up to us, individually, to acknowledge the little we have and give it to Him while asking for guidance.

We might have little, but we can look to where our help comes from: God. We cannot talk about ‘a bit’ in the presence of the Creator. He is able to do beyond what we think, and He can make the impossible possible. He will multiply the little we have and, using your experience, use you to radiate a testimony of His light and goodness. When we make God part of the little we possess, He makes us fruitful (see John 15:5), just as His strength covers our weaknesses.

For the increase and provision God gives us, we need to seek His instruction. In the same way, the widow went back to Elisha after she listened to the instruction. This calls for us to go back to God and ask for wisdom. It is through God-given wisdom that we will build on the provision that came from God’s multiplication. He will show us whether the multiplication is a seed for us to harvest or plant.

No matter our circumstances, God is rich in Grace sufficient for us all. He gives us Grace and still rewards us for the work we accomplish through the same Grace. He provides abundantly and exceedingly above what we expect with our “little”, in our droughts. Our reality may be that our supply is limited in quantity and quality, but the truth is that Jesus is in our situation, and He will provide.

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