Let Go And Let God (Part 2)

by BRAAM Family
Let go and Let God Part 2

Pastor Elie Hamuli

Renewing our minds, which naturally tend to hold on, allows us to understand the power of “letting go.” In the struggle for control, we find freedom by realizing that true rest is found in a person: Jesus Christ. He invites all who are weary to dwell in Him for this rest, addressing our specific needs.

Whether it’s a vacation or a retreat, fake rest falls short without a foundation in the Prince of Peace. With Christ, our thirst is satisfied and contentment sustained. Yielding to this rest is challenging due to life’s demands – settling debts, fulfilling responsibilities, societal standards, and meeting deadlines. Believers, too, may seek God’s hand in fasting or serve with personal gains, driven by demands.

These demands share a common theme of losing control when unmet. While many are rightful, this demand-focused outlook is problematic. Not every demand can be satisfied, and it is the devil’s tactic to whisper, “What are you going to do about this? and about that?” leaving us at the mercy of never-ending obligations.

Instead, we should adopt a supply-minded attitude. The Cross, the finished work of Jesus Christ, covers all our needs. In Luke 10:38–42, Mary exemplifies this attitude by sitting at Jesus’ feet, receiving from Him, while her sister was stressed about serving. Mary’s attitude reflects rest; she had a supply-minded mindset.

This supply is an overpayment issued 2000 years ago at the cross and extending to us today. When God supplies, it’s more than we need so that we do not fall short. His ability to give surpasses our ability to receive. No one is too far away; even if you’ve done big wrongs, Christ’s Salvation is for those who feel like they’re the worst of sinners.

His Grace is bigger than any sin we can do. By taking in this revelation, we embrace grace, letting go of a demand-driven life. The awareness of the provision of the Cross sets us free and gives us rest. What if we think there’s not enough supply? In Matthew 6:25, Jesus says worrying stops the supply. Grace flows in areas where we’re not worried.

So, worrying blocks the pipe that brings us what we need. Thankfully, Jesus Christ showed us how to live with a supply-minded life in His time on earth. For example, when He faced the pain of losing His close friend Lazarus or dealing with a crowd of over 5000 hungry people (John 11:42-43 and Matthew 14:17-21), Jesus taught us something amazing.

In both situations, He looked up and thanked His Father in heaven, unlocking the supply. In His words, focus, and attitude, Jesus shows what a supply-minded person looks like. So, how do you pray when things are tough? Do you look up and thank God or look around at what people are doing?

The world tells us that we can find what we need by looking around us for motivation or even inside us for our own strength. But we’ll always be left wanting and unsatisfied because everything we need comes from Christ (see Philippians 4:13).

To sum up, a supply-minded believer is characterized by the right focus, with eyes set on God above. The right speech of thanksgiving fills their mouths and they must hold the right position of sitting in order to be attended. When we’ve died and come back to life with Christ, we are now sitting with Him in heavenly places – a position of finished work, rulership, power, and calmness. Just like Mary sitting at the feet of Christ, there are blessings only for those who sit in His presence (see Psalms 91).

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