Be Out And About: Arise In Your Calling (Part 2)

by BRAAM Family
Be Out And About: Arise In Your Calling (Part 2)

Pastor Elie Hamuli

Diving deeper into our series on “Being Out and About for Jesus Christ,” let’s explore the journey of arising in our calling. Last week, we discussed how God has set you apart and covered you with His righteousness, empowering you for the noble calling before you.

Your disciplined life showcases God’s grace in holiness. Arising in your calling has various aspects that should ignite your enthusiasm. Firstly, you are called to make Jesus known to the world.

Like Moses who led the Israelites, Jonah who preached repentance, and Daniel who displayed godly wisdom as a government official, you are an heir of this glorious calling to share the Gospel by sharing your testimony.

Looking at Daniel 1:4-20, it becomes clear that taking care of your body and enriching your mind with knowledge relevant to your calling is crucial. How you present yourself and your intellect plays important roles in interactions.

As a vessel of God, even if you fall short, God provides His grace and supernatural gifts to complement your abilities. He equips you beyond your capabilities, as shown in Daniel 1:20.

Challenges are common, especially at the beginning of your calling, like Daniel faced. Consider the ways you might stumble and remember that God, who loves you, provides a way out when you endure temptation (1 Corinthians 10:13).

In your divine calling, God positions people who will show you favor as you step into new places. Even in the face of resistance, God can turn hearts in your favor when you seek refuge in prayer (Daniel 2:26-28).

Lastly, remember not to take credit for your achievements. Give glory to God, and in situations where you’re tempted to seek glory for yourself, point people back to God.

Your light has an impact when you give glory to Him. Be kingdom-minded, ensuring that your success benefits those around you, just as Daniel demonstrated in his calling.

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