Winning The Battle Of The Mind | Part 1

by BRAAM Family
Winning The Battle Of The Mind

Pastor Elie Hamuli

Paul informs Christians about the spiritual realities of warfare in both the readings from Corinthians and Ephesians, which are letters to these churches. In order for the believers to avoid living in ignorance, he writes to them. You shouldn’t be suffering in the same way as a believer who is unaware of spiritual truths. Paul emphasizes that since the conflict is spiritual in nature, we do not engage in direct hostilities with other people. The weapons used in a believer’s war are likewise not physical because it is not fought against other people. The battlefield, he says, is inside the believer’s mind after defining the type of conflict a believer wages. By ignoring these facts, you put yourself at a disadvantage and open yourself up to the devil’s tricks.

If you fight on the wrong battlefield, you’ve lost the war. For so long many have been fighting on the wrong battlefield, and if the devil can make you believe that other people are your enemies instead of himself, then you will be fighting other people while the real offender escapes. Since the mind is the battlefield, it is essential to know the sources of your thoughts because the thoughts that dominate your mind will affect your life. What are the sources of your thoughts?

The information you let through your senses can influence your thoughts. You should be careful about what you let in, especially through your eyes and hearing, because your mind absorbs everything that is presented to it, even subconsciously [see Proverbs 4:20–22]. Your senses can be considered as gates to your mind, and one characteristic of gates is their ability to be closed or opened. Start taking care of your thoughts, be selective about what you allow in, and resist the urge to absorb every concept.

Thoughts can also come from God, and He may communicate with you through them. He can motivate you to think positively [see Philippians 2:13]. Through His word, He can communicate with your mind, and He accomplishes this through creating images. The Bible is filled with illustrations and pictures because God wants you to see what He is saying.

Last but not least, thoughts may come from the devil. He manipulates reality from a distance; he instills concepts into your mind through fleeting thoughts, which you can accept or reject. Therefore, it’s crucial to push away negative ideas and return them to him. Do not think anything that is contrary to God’s will for you.

You must question yourself, “Who owns your mind?” now that you are aware of the three sources of thoughts. If it is the information that is transmitted to your senses, you have choice over what you allow in. If it is the devil, recognize it and reject his ideas by learning the truth from God’s word. If it is God, then you have won the battle of the mind.

Knowing that the battleground is in the mind, it’s critical to understand the strategy the enemy employs to shape your perceptions. The devil twists and manipulates the truth by means of deception. He doesn’t have actual power over you, but he tricks you into doing what he wants. He won’t have a foothold if you can resist him in your thoughts with the truth of God’s word. The enemy gains access to your thought life through deception. The enemy may now easily lure people since the world has fallen. He forces you to accept the negative thoughts he implants in you. When you take ownership of his thoughts, a fortress forms in your mind, giving you a sense of identity.
When the enemy’s thoughts find a home in your mind, they might start to influence how you think and how you perceive life. This is referred to as a stronghold of the mind.

2 Corinthians 11:3 [NKJV] says, “But I fear, lest somehow, as the serpent deceived Eve by his craftiness, so your minds may be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ.” The devil came to Eve with deception, and he still does that to this day. He tries to corrupt what is good, making it appear to be terrible, and vice versa. He seeks to distort Christ’s simplicity and make Christianity appear challenging so that people find it difficult to turn to the Lord. He intends to make each stage of your walk with Christ appear challenging so that you would be hesitant to fully submit to God’s will.

According to 2 Corinthians 10:b, the way to overcome the enemy’s deception is to “take captive every thought to make it subject to the obedience of Christ.”
To think just of Christ’s obedience means to focus your entire thinking life on Him. The objective is to maintain attention on the person who completely obeyed the Father and on what He has achieved. Because Jesus is the truth, a mind focused on his obedience cannot be misled.

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