Abbie Edropia | Testimony

by BRAAM Family

My name is Abbie Edropia and I would like to testify on how Braam Family has really assisted in shaping my spiritual and physical life.

I started attending Braam family back in 2019 or slightly earlier if not mistaken. I was invited by a good friend of mine and spontaneously decided to attend one faithful Monday. I knew about Braam family prior because it located in Braamfontein which is also known as the student hub/Town.  There was a hype around it. So I had to experience it for myself (curiosity doesn’t always kill the cat like they say)

Growing up in a Christian home, I was always open to anything that would draw me closer to God however, with caution since not every “Christian” youth gathering is focused or centred on the actual Gospel. To my surprise, Braam family had a different feel to it without diluting the actual gospel. My spirit approved (I’m often difficult to impress but there was an alignment with my spirit this time, so who am I to object?)🤷🏻‍♀️

After being a newbie for a few Mondays, I started actively attending the services. I was still a student back then so it was added to my weekly routine. I am glad I bumped into it. I needed it and so did my spirit. The amount of wisdom and knowledge of the gospel being shared every Monday was spirit awakening and mind blowing. I often experience a light bulb moment with most messages shared.

Everyone that was entrusted to share the word really added a piece to the puzzle. I won’t lie this really motivated me and I actually saw myself sharing one day. (Side note: Braam family helps build your confidence through public speaking)
It dawned on me that allowing yourself to be a vessel for the works of God is the best position and occupation in the world, yeah I said it 😉.

I looked forward to Monday evenings because I knew that whatever was shared would further assist to set the tone for the week ahead. I even started serving under the media team, specifically the camera crew. (Yeah I was to an extent part of the old crew members before the Gen Z joined😅)

Long story short, today I am a wife and involved in numerous societal developmental projects and I can attest that some lessons that I learnt through those preaching have assisted me in these roles. For instance, as a wife, I remember we had a session on red flags in relationships or something along those lines and they were backed up by scriptures. This then gave me guidance in identifying the guy who is my spouse today 😁. So pay attention to the preachings, it’s definitely taking you somewhere better🤞🏼
For what I’m currently involved in career wise, I learnt to be baring with one another in love through Braam family. You get to meet different youths from different institutions and churches,  and you all work for a common purpose and that’s to expand the kingdom of God. Therefore, in my career oriented projects, I’ve learnt to be baring with others in love and to pray for my neighbours ALWAYS.

I could go on and on but I would like to let anyone reading my testimony know that, you shouldn’t get too comfortable or “familiar” with the Preachers, e.g Pst Elie Hamuli (or anyone that often shares the word). I say this because the word of God is ever renewing  and as a human being you tend to think that because you often hear the word preached by a particular person it becomes “familiar” and when you get to this point you often miss the message of God entirely. Why? Because you often develop spiritual blinkers that blinds you from receiving the word through the anointed preacher. You begin to subconsciously treat the word like another lecture.
Hence you often don’t receive the revelation hidden in the word (which is by the way often accustom to assist your situation).
So take your preacher(s), Pastor Elie as though he is a guest speaker which you’ve never met and are eager to listen to what he has to share. If you do the latter and not the former, you are bound to always be renewed by the word of God and receive everything meant for you through that specific preaching.

God bless you all and God bless Braam Family abundantly too🙏🏼 The shepherd really does guide the sheep according to the father’s will 😃😌🙌🏼

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