Joseph Pembamoto | Testimony

by BRAAM Family

My name is Joseph Pembamoto, I am a proudly member of BRAAM Family and a student at the university of Witwatersrand in South Africa, Johannesburg.
I began my electrical engineering degree program in 2019, and last year was my final year. However, due to a number of restrictions, I was going to be financially ineligible.

I began the year with a total debt of more than R200k, and because I am a foreign student, the university required me to pay 75% of this debt in order to register. Even though I was aware that I couldn’t afford to pay this much, I nevertheless came to campus every day and always assisted people who couldn’t register. A few weeks later, the SRC agreed to contribute R60k toward my tuition, but the institution insisted on not registering me.

The semester began, and after the first week, I received an email informing me that I had one week to pay R30k or I would have to register for the next year only.
In that instant, I summoned the courage to go public and ask for assistance. Within a day, I raised more than R30,000, and the following day, after starting my crowd funding scheme, I was registered. I knew I still had a lot to pay even though I got the chance to register, but I trusted God.

Later, when I needed to meet with my head of school, who had mistreated me, I was in the right place at the right time thanks to God. I had to meet with my head of school, who had been rude to me, but I chose to respect her and choose peace, and because of my attitude, the Lord touched her heart, and a few days later she paid for all of my fees. As a result, I am now debt-free and am graduating without incident.

Always keep in mind that God is trustworthy, and as a loving Father, know that He has your best interests in mind. If God answers your prayers with a NO, just remember that every NO comes with a better YES, so trust Him—I have faith that He will help you through.

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