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Your Promotion Is Worth The Wait

Maman Believe Hamuli

John 11

In John 11, there is the story of Lazarus’ death and resurrection. When Jesus was away, and He got word that Lazarus was ill. Jesus responded by saying that Lazarus’ illness would not lead to death. It is important to note how the sisters phrased the message; they said, “the one you love is sick.” Saying that showed that the sisters knew a relationship existed between them and Jesus. Moreover, it was said to bring the crisis to Jesus’ attention so that He would act urgently; the sisters wanted to rush Jesus. In retrospect, you have to ask yourself how often you find yourself trying to leverage God to act on your behalf based on your relationship so that you skip the wait.

Everyone you encounter is waiting for something, and unfortunately, you can’t bypass that part of the process as it is an essential element of promotion. Promotion can be understood as moving from one point to the next, but before any remarkable progress there is a waiting period. Examining those who can be regarded as heroes of faith, they all had a time where they waited. Waiting is something that this generation struggles with since they seek instant gratification.

Nobody desires to wait anymore; there appears to be a rush for everything, even for minor matters, which is why this generation is often referred to as the microwave generation. Ecclesiastes 3:1 is a reminder that there is a time and season for everything, and you can’t rush through everything. Looking at how God created the world [see Genesis 1], you will see that He is a God of processes. He is all mighty and could have made everything instantly, but He chose to take His time. If God values the process, so should you.

Waiting can be defined as the act of staying or remaining in expectation, but when you read scripture, you see that waiting is more than just expecting. As a child of God, when you wait, it is not a vain thing; you expect with hope and trust in God. Waiting is often unpleasant, but there is purpose in it. Waiting can add things to your life if you do so fixed on God; it is beneficial to wait on God’s timing. One of the reasons why waiting is good is that it draws you closer to God. Moments of uncertainty have a way of pushing you to seek the face of God. God can use your waiting to reveal His glory; just as He did in John 11, a sickness brought death, but that gave room for a miracle of resurrection. Thus, the wait gives weight to your testimony, and that testimony prepares you for your promotion.

The right place and the right is not always a reference to the final destination, but the place and time where God wants you. Sometimes the right place and time can be a place of discomfort, like a waiting room. Your character is formed in the waiting room, and you are prepared to handle the promotion. The inheritance belonged to the prodigal son, but because he did not wait for the right time, it led to his ruin [Luke 15:11-32]. So, the things that are good for you can be harmful if you get them out of season; therefore, waiting is a sign of trusting God’s ways and timing.

When you wait, there are things you ought to avoid, and the first thing to avoid is comparison because it will keep you from celebrating and appreciating the season you are in. Secondly, do not try to help God by finding shortcuts. In 1 Samuel 13:13-14, Saul’s reign was taken from him because he was pressured by people and wanted to help God. Taking shortcuts will short-circuit your promotion. Thirdly, watch what you say because you can unnecessarily prolong the wait through your unbelief and negative words; your words affect your life [Proverbs 18:21].

Now, there is an attitude that is appropriate to have while you wait for your promotion. The first thing to do is to keep praying [see Romans 12:12] because you will be strengthened and instructed in prayer. For your promotion to come into effect, there are instructions from God on what to do; it is crucial to move forward with His blueprint. The second thing to do is to be watchful of what your senses are exposed to including the music you listen to, because what your senses absorb will shape your mind. The third thing to do while waiting is to prepare for your promotion. While you are waiting, there is an active side to it, where you willingly prepare for what’s ahead. Lastly, while you wait, serve. The waiting period is not a place of complaining but a platform to serve to the best of your abilities. Moreover, instead of complaining, learn to praise God and let your praises precede the promotion. As Jesus stood before Lazarus’ tomb, He praised the Father.

Most importantly, the waiting process makes you humble, and there is no promotion without humility. It is with a humble heart that you are able to give God the glory. So, when you wait, do not do it like the world; wait with hope and trust in the Lord. There is a promise for those that wait on the Lord. The Bible says in Isaiah 40:31 [NKJV], “But those who wait on the LORD Shall renew their strength; They shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint.” God is always on time; He is never late, so wait on the Lord and trust Him to promote you at the right time.


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