by BRAAM Family

Black man,
Learn to love…
Let streams of waters flow through neglected lands,
To resurrect what once was and to bring forth what was always meant to be but was never allowed to surface…
Go a little bit deeper,
Run your fingers through the rivers
Like a comb through your kinky hair,
Feel every wave,
Let your pulse imitate the rhythm of love…
Wash the dirt off of your hands and let these waters purify you,
Let the current carry away the misconceptions of love and false doctrines like “real men don’t cry”,
Preconceived notions of masculinity,
Like should a man express love or does the expression make him too feminine?
Can a black man cry or will his tears wash away his melanin?
Has the expression of love become too unafrican?
Has saying “I love you” become too heavy a burden for your full lips to bear?
Where did it come from?
Where has love gone?
Let the seed, explain the fruit,
Go back to your roots,
To your most divine form,
To the garden of Eden before your true nature was hidden,
Before the seraphim and cherubim,
Before you let shame run your rivers dry,
Let the waters percolate through the scars of your hard labour,
Let them lighten the load,
Let love carry your luggage to the next destination as 100 pounds become none
And you glide through these streams…
Unlearn the lies and soak in the coolness of nature’s medicine,
The flow of God’s love through your being,
A remedy for the virus injected by the world,
Love in its purest form,
Patient, kind, without jealousy, envy or pride, selfless, a love that is not rude and does not keep records of evil,
An enduring kind of love, a love that never fails, a perfect kind of love…
Let it flow,
Become one with it,
Flow like the god you were created to be…

Jacques Kisula Maghoma

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