Stay In – Session 5: Stay In Rest, YASHAV!

by BRAAM Family

Shepherd Elie

In the Bible, three fundamental things are highlighted: faith, hope, and love. Among these, love stands out as the most paramount. The concept of “staying in” the presence of God is not just about physical location; it encompasses protection, identity, and being surrounded by His love.

In Genesis 2:8, we find the Lord God planting a garden in the eastern part of Eden and placing man, Adam, within it. This garden, the Garden of Eden, symbolizes God’s presence, and it was the initial dwelling place for man. At this stage, God’s presence was external; Adam could see God but had not yet fully experienced Him within.

As we progress through Scripture, we come to understand that the final dwelling place for man is in Jesus Christ, in the heavenly places.

Here, God’s presence is invisible but internal. He dwells within us, making us carriers of His divine presence. In Romans 5:19, the apostle Paul discusses how we were initially disqualified through Adam’s disobedience but became qualified through Jesus’s obedience in His crucifixion and resurrection.

Psalms 91:1 speaks of “dwelling” in the presence of God, using the Hebrew word “Yashav,” which implies sitting, resting, or being calm. When you rest, you demonstrate trust in the one who is in control.

Rest signifies that everything necessary has already been provided. When you strive to do everything with your own strength, it reveals a lack of trust in God’s provision. Instead, position yourself to receive and experience the rest of God as you navigate life’s challenges. Your position will bring your provision.

The famous Psalm 23 speaks of God setting a table before your enemies—a place to sit and rest. Feeding on God’s Word while “Yashav” in the finished work of Jesus Christ allows you to overcome your adversaries.

The position that God has ordained for you is what leads to provision in your life—sitting down, and resting in Him. In John 6:10-11, before multiplying the bread, Jesus instructed the people to “sit down.” Those who received and benefited from the multiplied bread were the ones who obeyed and sat down. God desires you to find rest in Him.

For those who rest in Him, His supply always surpasses their needs. You walk in the completeness of Jesus finished work. Your task is to “Yashav” in the secret place of God (Psalms 91:1-2) continually. So, I encourage you to “Yashav”—to sit, rest, and abide in His presence forever and ever.

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