God Is Willing (Part 4)

by BRAAM Family
God Is Willing (Part 4)

Preacher – Pastor Elie Hamuli

God is willing to do good for us. Understanding how God’s grace and our faith work together is crucial to grasp His Divine Will in our lives. Believers often either credit everything to God’s grace alone or stress their active role through faith. But, the harmony of grace and faith shows how we acknowledge God’s Sovereignty through grace and actively embrace His promises through faith, demonstrating His Divine Will and our free will collaborating for our good.

For believers, salvation is rooted in grace through faith, highlighting that God wants everyone to be saved (Ephesians 2:8–9 and Titus 2:11). Proclaiming the gospel of grace becomes essential, sharing our experiences with Christ to make the gospel more accessible and advance God’s kingdom.

Grace is what God does for us without any merit on our part. An excellent example is God sending Jesus to die for our sins out of unconditional love. Romans 5:8 affirms that He chose to die for us regardless of our sinfulness. Accepting Christ means believing in forgiveness for all sins.

Grace provides everything before we need it, including healing, riches, fruits of the spirit, etc. When praying for healing, for instance, we must see ourselves as healed because of His promise (Isaiah 53:5). Our prayer should express gratitude for the healing that, by faith, He has already provided.

Faith is a positive response to what God has done through grace. It doesn’t force God to act but appropriates what has already been given. God is not moved by faith, so we can have faith, but if it hasn’t been given by grace, we won’t receive it.

Faith and grace are inseparable; grace provides, and faith accepts. Praying to receive what God has given, with gratitude and faith, pleases God and allows His power to work within us.

When born again, our inner man (spirit) is perfect, like Jesus, seated with Him in heavenly places (Ephesians 2:6). Our thinking must align with our inner man. Challenges are opportunities to use what we already have to overcome. Embrace the gospel of grace, rejoicing in difficulties, knowing we have what we need.

In summary, grace is God’s provision, and faith is how we receive it. Understanding this transforms our prayer and fasting life, positioning us to receive the good things God has willed. Satan’s attacks aim to hinder us, but by acknowledging God’s provision, believers can receive, by faith, the full impact of His grace within them.

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