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Monday 07/10/2019

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John 21:1-19

This event takes place after the death and resurrection of Jesus; out of despair, Peter decides to go back to fishing, and the other disciples follow him. After laboring all night without results. Jesus appears to them in the morning, standing on the shore; He commanded them to throw their net on the right side of the boat. The disciples did as Jesus commanded them without knowing that it was Him. To their surprise, they caught so much fish and then only did they realize that it was Jesus.

So The disciples rush to Jesus, Peter preceding them, they then meet Jesus at the shore where he made breakfast for them. They eat together, and after that, Jesus pulled Peter on the side to reinstate him. He asks Peter three times repeatedly if he loved him and he says yes. He then asks Peter to feed his sheep.

Jonathan L

  • From verse 18; Meeting God comes with a sense of direction and purpose which we ought to adjust our lives to.
  • The knowledge and certainty of someone’s love for you can only and truly be known by you.
  • You need to be affirmed in the love of God like John was. Be so convinced of His love for you that you begin to refer to yourself as the one He loves the most.


  • Peter was ashamed because he had denied Jesus, and even in that Jesus reassured him and remained faithful to what He initially called him, which was the rock on which He was to build His church.
  • God is a God of second chances.
  • God does not base our assignments on our performances.


  • You might not always get things right, or achieve what you planned for at the time you wanted to, but that doesn’t mean that you will not eventually get it. Do not give up.


  • As a Christian, you hold a certain influence over others.
  • Peter was influential to the rest of the disciples, and as someone of influence, you’re considered to be a pillar amongst your peers.
  • Our actions can be encouraging or discouraging to others so as children of God, we ought to watch out for what we do because we lead the way, and there are people out there looking at us.
  • This story speaks to us about the love of God and how it’s meant to be shown and not just said.
  • Jesus came back to remind Peter of his love.
  • The reason why Jesus asked Peter if he loved Him was to sober him up and fix his focus.


  • In verse 15, “these” refer to the work that Peter was doing. After the death of Jesus, the disciples returned to their daily jobs which symbolizes the things that we love to do.
  • The question was meant to redirect Peter’s love and priorities.
  • We should get to a place where we question whether we love God more than our careers, our passions and everything else that we love to do.
  • “if you love me feed my lamb” can be understood as God telling you that if you truly love Him, then prioritize His work.
  • There are things which we love to do that suffocate the work of God.
  • One’s love for God can be tested with what you love.


  • There are moments in our lives when we rely on our strength, and it might even be that we’re doing the right thing, but simply because it’s done at the wrong time and without Jesus’ instruction, it will fail.
  • Learn to consider the time and will of God.
  • It may not have been that Peter didn’t love Jesus but rather that he didn’t know how to love him and show it the right way, which was what Jesus came to correct.
  • Even after our mistakes, Jesus still goes ahead of us to prepare a meal for us while meeting us at the shore, which represents our place of failure.


  • Jesus is the good shepherd who knows your needs and prepares for its provision ahead of time.


  • When Jesus asked Peter “do you love me more than these” could also have been a reference to the food they were eating, which represents the finer things in life. We need to ask ourselves if we love Jesus more than the pleasures of life.


  • After the death of Jesus, the disciples were in the midst of confusion, and it seemed as though they had nothing else to do to help avoid their stress besides returning to their old jobs.
  • In stressful situations, it’s easy to see how quickly we turn to our old ways and rely on our strength for solutions.
  • In all that we go through, we ought to remind ourselves that although things may be tough and that coming up with solutions may not always be an easy thing to do, Jesus wants us to realize that all that we seek and desire for in this world, He already has it and has already made provision for it.
  • Christ wanted to show Peter that He was not holding a grudge against him, whereas Peter wanted to avoid the topic that brought guilt to him by saying yes, yet Jesus was trying to reassure him.
  • Loving God doesn’t stop at just saying it. Your love for God should be seen in what you do.
  • Christianity isn’t a competition. It’s about getting to where God wants you to be.
  • Time reveals one’s true nature.
  • Christianity is not based on what you want for yourself but on what Jesus wants for you.


  • Loving God means keeping His commands.
  • Taking care of the Lord’s sheep means loving your neighbor, bringing peace to all as well as carrying and exhibiting the fruits of the spirit at work in you.

Divin Fosh

  • We need to get to a place where we realize that the love of God is so powerful and consistent.
  • Our love for God may fail, but His love for us will never fail.
  • Jesus is so loving that regardless of the many times we mess up, He still helps us. He not only goes before us to straighten the crooked path but He also meets us at our point of need.
  • Jesus goes before you to take care of what you need, then meets you where you are, while helping you get to where He wants you to be.


  • Jesus’ instructions come with peace and assurance.


  • God’s ways of doing things are different from ours.
  • Sometimes God will say things to test our obedience to His instructions.


  • A young man is someone who has a lot of ambition and a lot to achieve, but Christ wants us to reach a certain level of maturity where we entirely depend on Him for our next move while trusting Him for His guidance.


  • Verse 18, summarizes our walk with Christ. As you grow with Christ, your will becomes crucified. You will sometimes even have to quit good things, things that you love, for the sake of Christ.
  • Normally speaking, reaching maturity means being able to make decisions for yourself, but maturity in Christ comes with rest whereby instead of you leading, you become the one who’s being led.

Shepherd Elie Hamuli

  • God wants us perfect in our minds before being perfect in our behavior. It is impossible to change your behavior without renewing your mind.
  • A renewed mind is what stops you from conforming to the patterns of the world.
  • There’s life in the Word of God.
  • Do not neglect the Word of God.
  • You remain in God by keeping His Word.
  • Words can get you excited for a moment but leave you empty when the realities of life come knocking, but the Word of God brings transformation that begins from the inside.
  • Reading the Bible as a book Bible is not what sets you free, but the truth that you know is what sets you free. Be rooted in that truth because your freedom lies there.
  • Everything that you need for now and the life after this one is in the Bible.
  • The Word of God will not always come in a sweet way, but it can also come as a rebuke. Learn to open up your heart to the word that’s for you regardless of how you may feel about it.
  • Many churches have adopted the habit of teaching behaviors that Christians ought to have, whereas when you try to change something that comes naturally to someone without trying to change their reasoning, they will eventually return to it.
  • The Word of God contains the power to create.

Prayer requests:

  • Pray that your heart may accept the Word of God.
  • Pray that God may reveal His word to you and keep you excited for it.
  • Pray that you may not become a pretender but that you may instead become and remain someone who is genuine about what he or she believes in.

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