Winning The Battle Of Your Mind While Keeping Your Bible Open (HT Series)

by BRAAM Family
Winning The Battle Of Your Mind While Keeping Your Bible Open (HT Series)

Shepherdess Deborah Kangudja

What is on your mind as you read in this instant? You might be considering the title of this text or pondering your life. Whatever it is, the endpoint is that before any action is performed, it begins as a thought in the mind. Therefore, the mind represents a battlefield with competing thoughts and perceptions that shape our lives and experiences.

In Ephesians 6:12, the Apostle Paul informs believers that the battles we face are not physical but are rather spiritual, encouraging us to be ready (see verse 13). Thus, equipping ourselves with the appropriate spiritual weapons is imperative. Whether through our eyes or ears, we are to let our mind be governed only by the Word of God, which we should carefully guard (Proverbs 4: 20-22). When we let our thoughts be influenced by the world, we dull our weapons for battle.

Daily infusion of God’s Word, constant fellwoship with Christ and sensitive ears to the Holy Spirit, keep us from stumbling in battle, while making way for Christ’s power to be manifested. In keeping Christ as our focus, we turn away destructive thoughts. Whether through dreams or visions, Christ gives our minds what to see. His Word as our lenses. When we have seen through His Word, the Truth is tangible, and hope at hand. In all this, we need faith to utter with our mouth what our mind sees (Hebrews 11:1)

If we lack faith, fear and doubt creep into our minds. Consider the stories of Eve in the garden (Genesis 3) and of Jesus Christ in the wilderness, respectively (Matthew 4). Both tempted by the devil, but Christ, withstood him with God’s Written Word. Eve, on the other hand, was instilled with imagery that portrayed the fruit as more important than God’s instruction. Deceived, despite knowing the Truth, after the devil had inspired doubt in her mind.

We learn the threefold strategy used by the devil attacking Christ’s humanity. Firstly hunger, symbolising the “WHAT” question of our lives. Jesus, hungry after 40 days of fasting, was tempted by Satan to turn stones into bread. But Christ was deeply hungry for spiritual nourishment over physical needs, emphasising the importance of God’s Word.

Secondly, identity, symbolysing the “WHO” question. Here, just as Christ is proclaimed as God’s beloved Son after His baptism, Satan challenges it (see Matthew 3: 12 and Matthew 4: 6). Yet again, Jesus countered it with God’s Word, a reference for us whenever we face an identity crisis.

Lastly, reality, symbolising the “HOW” question. Satan tempted Jesus with a promise of power and glory (see verse 9). Jesus, aware of His inherent authority and the reality of His mission, rebuked Satan, saying again, “It is written and forever remains,” emphasising the permanence and unchanging truth of God’s Word (verse 10).

This highlights the need to confront deceptions about our reality with the truth of Scripture, recognizing that what God has for us is already ours, not to be obtained through worldly means. By keeping the Bible open and engaging with its Truth, we ensure we are continuously equipped with God’s armour (Ephesians 6: 11), safeguarding our minds against contradictions and deceptions from the enemy. This armour extends beyond physical readiness, influencing our thoughts and perceptions.

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